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The Gospel of God

Today's reading: Judges 2, Jeremiah 15, Mark 1, Acts 6.

Gospel summary: We all deserved God's unending wrath because we have forsaken the Lord in pursuit of idols; yet God has astoundingly shown us grace by sending his beloved Son Jesus to save us. Jesus came as God's good news and his death and resurrection are the good news we must now proclaim to this broken world.

Prayer: Father in heaven, you are worthy of my heartfelt worship every moment of my life. I deserve your judgment in hell and you've given me the greatest news of salvation in Jesus. You poured my deserved wrath on to Jesus instead of me, so I praise you. I often forget how good the good news is and live as though I don't have anything to proclaim. When I do sense the goodness of your gospel, I too often don't share it with others because of the fear of man. Thank you that you still put up with me and help me move forward in obedient proclamation. Help me to always stay humbled by your grace and to …