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The Nations Will Worship King Jesus

Today's Reading: Numbers 28, Psalm 72, Isaiah 18-20, and 2 Peter 1.

Gospel Summary: Although when God looked out at the inhabitants of the world he didn't find any worshippers of him, but only enemies and rebels, he sent his only Son Jesus to purchase our ransom. At the cost of his own life, Jesus secured the eternal worship of people from all nations. One day heaven will have representatives from every tribe, tongue, nation, and language praising the Lamb who was slain for their salvation.

Prayer: Father in heaven, you are worthy of unending worship from my heart and the hearts of all you have made, not only because of your creating us but much more for redeeming us. Help me to offer the sacrifice of praise to you as I go about my day. Empower me to reach out to the unbelieving world around me with confidence that all you draw near will believe and be saved. Make my feet swift with the gospel, my knees bent in prayer, my hands open to the hurting, my eyes fixed on heaven, and m…

Jesus, the True Joshua

Today's Reading: Numbers 27, Psalm 70-71, Isaiah 17, and 1 Peter 5.

Gospel Summary: Left to ourselves we are like sheep without a shepherd and our lives would be directionless and doomed for destruction. Yet the Good Shepherd Jesus, the true Joshua has come and leads us to a bountiful and glorious future in his presence in heaven, though we don't deserve it. He suffered in our place on the cross, then rose again victorious so that now we can walk in victory, if we follow him.

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank you that Jesus lead me out of my sin to himself. Help me follow his leading and stay clinging to his side at all times. I am so easily mislead by the deceitful promises of sin, but help me keep looking heavenward where you lead on. In Jesus' name, amen.

Key Verse: "And when the chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory." -1 Peter 5:4

Hymn: "I Have A Shepherd" by Leonard Weaver

I have a Shepherd, One I love so well;
How He has b…

In the Wilderness, but Glory is Ahead

Today's Reading: Numbers 26, Psalm 69, Isaiah 16, and 1 Peter 4.

Gospel Summary: Although we deserve to die in the wilderness of this world because of our sins against a holy God, he has graciously chosen to place our punishment on his only Son Jesus instead. Now by faith we have the promised and secure hope of entering glory where King Jesus will reign in righteousness. As we suffer in this world, we must not forget the suffering Christ endured on the cross for our salvation. We can persevere with Jesus as our King with the certain hope of heaven in view and this will propel us to love even our enemies, because Christ has so loved us. We can also recall that King Jesus will judge with righteousness so that any mistreatment we endure from unbelievers will either be judged at the Last Day or has already been judged at the cross for all who come in faith to Christ.

Prayer: Thank you Father. In your marvelous grace you have saved me from the judgment I deserved for my sins. Instead of …