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My God Made the Stars and Planets

So I was just chilling at the house and decided to walk outside and look up at the stars that my Maker made out of nothing. I played some music for my King with my guitar to enjoy and praised His holy name for saving me from Hell for all of eternity and for being the great God He was and is and is to come. As I looked up at all the lights that shine down from outside of our atmosphere I focused in on one star. Or so I thought was a star. I then remembered back when I was a kid in school learning that if a star twinkles, then it is a planet. I noticed that when this one twinkled, it was red in color so it could've been Mars. I then started looking around at all the other ones that twinkled and was amazed at how many I noticed. I wonder how many stars and planets you can see from those planets....and from those....and from those.....etc. So God is huge right? I mean if the closest star is several light years away and light travels at around 186,000 miles per second. Yeah, …

What Happens When You Die?

Ok, so your gonna die right? Right. And You don't know when right? Right. So do you ever think about it? I mean REALLY think about it? Cus if this life is this short in light of how long you'll be dead, don't ya think its kinda important to think about it while your here? Right. Lets think about this just for a few moments.....You've got: The Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, Vedas, Watchtower Society Bible, and all the other religious books which discuss what happens after death right? Ok, and did you know that the Bible is the only one that clearly explains why mankind needs a savior and its the only one with so much evidence to point to its validity and reliability? Also, lets take a quick look at Jesus. Most of these books talk about Him. The question is: what was He? God in the flesh? good man? good prophet? lunatic? flat out liar? Did you know that there is more evidence to prove that Jesus was alive and performed miracles (nonbelievers called these miraculous Satani…