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Redeemed and Given Resurrection Power

Scripture: Ex. 13, Job 25, Lk. 14, 1 Cor. 15.

Gospel summary: God redeemed us from slavery to sin, self, and Satan by his mighty power when he sent Jesus to live how we couldn't, die how we should have, and rise so we will too one day. We can die to ourselves each day and live out the Christian life in hope because the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in us.

Prayer: Father in heaven, I am so weak and frail. Left to myself, I'd never be able to live the Christian life and would remain a slave to my selfish desires until my dying day. But I thank you that you graciously decided to redeem my soul from such a terrible existence, and at the cost of your beloved Son! I thank you God that Jesus wasn't just a good teacher like all the rest who lies in a tomb in the earth, but that you proved your redeeming power by rising him from the dead as no one else has. I thank you that Jesus is alive forevermore and that his life has now been given to me. Even though I will di…

A Cry from Austria

A cry from Austria: 84% of our citizens believe in God, yet few have a personal relationship with Christ. In fact, only 0.5% even hold to evangelical Christianity. We have high rates of suicide, abortion, and alcoholism, revealing that our religious veneer doesn't have the life-changing power of the gospel. Pray for the church to shine a bright ray of hope into our deep spiritual darkness and for God to do his work of changing hearts as only he can do.

A Cry from Armenia

A cry from Armenia: We're a small Middle Eastern country surrounded by bigger nations that have long threatened our safety. In fact, half of our population was murdered by the Turkish government in 1915, killing 1.5 million people in a genocide they still claim didn't happen. We were the first Christian nation and most of us are of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Pray for our physical safety and for believers to show the love of Christ to our enemies, so that even our Muslim neighbors may see we love Jesus more than our cultural heritage and may also come to find new life in him.

A Cry from Argentina

A cry from Argentina: We're a Latin American nation with a population over 40 million. 90% of us are Roman Catholic and cults like Mormonism are wreaking havoc here too. Pray for evangelical Christians to be bold witnesses here and for the truth of Christ to outshine any man-made religion.

A Cry from Angola

A cry from Angola: We're a West African nation that has suffered forty years of almost constant war. Our first president promised to eliminate Christianity within 20 years, but Christianity has quadrupled in number! Pray for the gospel of peace to save our war-torn people and for Christians to live pure and holy lives to impact all areas of life here.