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Nine Ways to Worship on the Treadmill

One of my most worshipful moments throughout each week other than in private prayer, the study of God's Word, and fellowship with the body of Christ, has been running on the treadmill. I know what you're thinking, but let me explain. It has been on the treadmill at the gym that I have been ushered into the very presence of God and the wonder of the gospel in a powerful way. At times I have wanted to raise my hands and shout for the victory that is mine, while at other times I have been deeply humbled by God's grace to a sinful rebel like me in Christ and felt myself ready to shed a tear. And no, it wasn't the lack of sleep or the discomfort of running. How, you ask? If you'd rather eat dirt that run, I hope this post helps you see how it can be used to bring you joy in Christ. If you're an avid runner who finds delight in running a 5K everyday, I hope this post encourages you to think on heavenly truths while you run and make the most of your time on the tread…