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5/25- "The Law & The Gospel"- Matthew 5:17-20

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In this passage Jesus reveals how he has come to fulfill the law, God demands perfect obedience to the law, and how in Christ we are freed from the crushing burden of the law. Not only is the OT all about the atoning sacrifice of our loving Lord Jesus Christ and the freedom he provides, but its authoritative truth calls us to rest solely in the blood of Christ to atone for our sins and not our own efforts to keep God's Law. By the Spirit's indwelling of every believer we now can live in obedience to the law as we have come to love God from the heart and now the law is our delight. We now obey not out of need for salvation but because we have been given the saving grace of God in Christ.

5/18- "Salt & Light- Different on Purpose"- Matthew 5:13-16

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In this sermon Jesus teaches that his kingdom people are different, then reveals how being different is actually the way he has designed us to impact the tasteless and darkened world we live in. As Christians, we can only fulfill our purpose in life by being "other than" the world in which we live. A Christian who hides their faith or fits in too closely with the world around them is like a tasteless salt or a lamp under a basket. We must shine out the difference Christ has made in us, for it is the greatest way we can impact lost people around us.

5/4- "I Am the True Vine"- John 15:1-17

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This is the last of seven "I Am" statements of Jesus in John's account of the gospel. Here Jesus says he has fulfilled everywhere that Israel failed to be God's vine. As the true vine, Jesus calls us to a life of connected-ness to him and promises abundant fruit as a result. Those without the fruit in their lives are called to connect to the vine or face the Father's judgment in Hell. This is both a comfort and a challenge to every branch out there to make sure we remain in the vine.