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The Glory of Jesus

Scripture: Proverbs 23-24, John 2.

Gospel summary:  In his earthly life, Jesus revealed to us his true glory as God in human form. Even in our most valiant efforts at being religious, we are still sinners in desperate need of Jesus. All our glory is dark, but Jesus shines alone.
Prayer:  Father, help me to be utterly astounded every time I consider the glory of your Son Jesus. Fill my heart, mind, and soul with an awareness of Jesus' majesty, so that I may not try to foolishly live by my own merit. Thank you that in Jesus you have brought a whole new thing: a new temple...access to God is now mine to enjoy because of his resurrection from the dead. I don't have to try to purify myself through religious effort, because Jesus alone is my source of righteousness before God. Help me to see the world from your eyes Jesus and to share with the lost your gospel, trusting you to open their eyes to see its beauty. May your glory fill the earth as waters cover the sea, Jesus. Amen.
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