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Heaven, Hell, & A Baby in a Manger

“Heaven doesn’t want me and hell is afraid I am going to take over”. Deep words for a Monday morning at McDonald’s over sweet tea, yet these are the very words one man recently told me have been a logical explanation for all the problems he’s had in life. Although most people wouldn’t articulate it in quite the same terms, I think many have a hard time understanding why life has turned out for them the way it has. “Why did that parent die unexpectedly? Why did my spouse leave me? Why was my child born with a disability? Why does everyone else seem to have it easy, except me? Why can’t I find a job after all this time?” When we allow questions like these to consume our lives, they can lead us to question whether or not God is good at all. But the Christmas season always brings a fresh reminder of God’s goodness to mankind. If God did not care about us or had no control over the circumstances of our lives, why would he send his only Son into this cruel world to be born of the virgin Ma…