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3/23- John 6- "I Am the Bread of Life"

3/16/14- Sermon on Matthew 5:10-12- "Rejoice in Persecution"

3/9/14- Sermon on Matthew 5:9- "Making Peace with a Hostile World"

12 Years a Slave (of Jesus Christ)

So today marks twelve years that I have been a born-again Christ follower. I remember the night like it was yesterday. It was in Gym E of Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula, Georgia and it was the kick-off night to the yearly Disciple-Now Weekend where youth from the church would divide into groups and spend the weekend at a church member's home to be lead in devotions from college students who loved the Lord and to have fun and serve the community also. I walked into that gym a lost and helpless kid without a Savior and walked out of that room with a new heart and a new Lord. Although I had walked an aisle at the age of nine, it was pretty clear to me and probably all genuine believers that I had missed something crucial: conversion. I had prayed a prayer and been dunked in some water and even fooled family into believing that my life was pretty clean. The only problem was I didn't know Jesus. I knew about Jesus, but I didn't know him personally because I had never been bor…

3/2/14- Sermon on Matthew 5:8- "A Clean Heart in a Dirty World"

2/23/14- Sermon on Matthew 5:7- "Mercy Known is Mercy Shown"