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Grateful for an Unequaled Wife

I have been listening to the marriage conference held at Southern Seminary recently online at night with Emily and have been reminded that I, as a husband, have not been faithfully cherishing my wife as I ought. I was greatly challenged by C.J. Mahaney's message that stated the importance to have regular scheduled opportunities for uplifting your spouse and giving her a chance to get away from the mother personality for a short time. I was also challenged by listening to Dr. Russell Moore's message about fighting for your marriage like Christ stood against the Enemy for our good out of his steadfast love.

I as a husband have been blessed with the most unequaled wife of all. There is no other woman on the planet who can come close to Emily Ruth Wynn and I need not look any further than her. She is always utterly encouraging to me and her wonderful love in my life challenges me to be the man God has called me to be. There are several things that I love about Emily. One of the t…