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God Met His Own Demands for Those Who Couldn't

Scripture: Psalms 116-117, Romans 2.

Gospel Summary: God gave us his law, a reflection of his holy character, to expose our inherent sinfulness, then seeing we could not neet its demands, came in Christ to meet them on our behalf and attributes this righteousness to all who come in faith to Jesus.

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank you for fulfilling your law's demands on my behalf in Christ. Thank you for applying your Son's righteousness to my heart by the Holy Spirit. I know that if I did have the power to keep your law without your aide it would make me arrogant and cause me to look down at others who weren't as good as me. Instead you have saved me in such a way that I am deeply humbled by your grace and have a deep compassion for others to experience the gift-righteousness of Christ too. Help me to live in overwhelming shock and joy at your saving of sinners and to reach others with this life-giving news. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

Hymn: "A Debtor to Mercy A…

Glory to God for the Gospel

Scripture: Psalms 114-115, Romans 1.

Gospel summary: The gospel is the good news that God has fulfilled all righteousness for us and we receive it by faith in Christ alone, thus giving him all the glory for our salvation.

Prayer: O God, I was desperately wicked and bound up in my sin before you acted in Christ to redeem my soul. I spent years thinking the righteousness you required was up to me, but now I see that you performed it for me in Christ and I receive it by faith. Thank you for living the perfect life I could never live in ten trillion years and crediting it all to my account. Give me boldness to share this gift righteousness with unbelievers because I know the power to save belongs to you alone. May you receive all the glory for saving sinners and help me to joyfully give you all the glory you deserve, never foolishly taking any glory that is rightfully due you. For the glory of Christ I pray, amen.

Hymn: "Glory to the Lamb" by L.M. Rouse

The Patience of God's People

Scripture: Psalms 112-113, James 5.

Gospel summary: God's redeemed people live completely different lives of holiness from unbelievers as they patiently wait for Christ to come again as Judge.

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank you for setting me apart from the way of the world by your grace. I know this new lifestyle is owing to nothing in me, but is all a work of your grace, so help me never to think otherwise. Help me to patiently endure the suffering that the world throws at me with a strong confidence that Christ Jesus will make all things right when he returns. Give me a stronger faith in the promise of your return, so that my hardest days may be opportunities for greater reliance on Christ. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

Hymn: "Christ Returneth" by James McGranahan.

Daily Devotion

Scripture: Psalm 110-111, James 4.

Gospel summary: God accepted Jesus' cross-work to atone for our sins and now Jesus sits in accomplished victory in heaven, always interceding on behalf of his redeemed.

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank you for the cross. Thank you for finally dealing with my sin problem at the cost of your only Son. Thank you also that there will never come a day when Jesus does not intercede on my behalf in heaven and that I can always come confessing and repenting of my sins and be accepted in your presence because of what Jesus has done. Help me never to take any of this lightly, but to only come in broken-hearted and grateful repentance before your holy throne, joyfully accepting the good news of the gospel. Thank you that you promise to defeat every enemy of your redeemed and may you make many of your enemies into your children before that Day. In Jesus' name, amen.

Hymn: "Jesus, Thou Art Heaven's Dayspring" by Peter Davis.