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7/27- "Love Your Enemies, Because God Loves His"- Matthew 5:43-48

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In this text, Jesus teaches us that we most resemble God when we love even our enemies and we most resemble the world when we love only our friends. So who do you most resemble? We are then called to pursue the perfect love of God, which is only possible by the power of the Holy Spirit when we are in Christ.

7/20- "Retaliation or Self-Denial?"- Matthew 5:38-42

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In this sermon we examine Jesus' controversial topic of what to do when others mistreat you. We see here that to "turn the other cheek" is actually the opposite of a weak, fearful, and passive way to live life, but is rather a bold and confident way to love others more than you love yourself. To respond to mistreatment to your own image in self-denial instead of self-defense requires a deep faith in God and an invincible joy in the gospel.

7/6- "Freed to Behold Christ's Glory"- 2 Corinthians 3:12-18

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In this Independence Day weekend sermon we get a glimpse of the spiritual freedom we have been given in Christ. We have been set free from our hard-hearted rebellion by the veil-lifting power of the Holy Spirit at conversion, all so that we may live each day beholding the glory of the Savior. Now that we have been freed to behold his glory, we must daily live our lives in awe of his glory and we in turn will be changed into his image the more we do so.