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India- His nation

Hey Yall, this is a super long email that I wrote to BSU collegiate missions about India. If ya wonder what happened over there...Read it!: The India trip was SO Amazing! One of the greatest things that God taught me through the trip was just how much bigger He was than just the U.S. God showed me that there are many different kinds of people He has created and they each have a yearning in their hearts for something more than just this world. God has placed eternity in men's hearts (Eccl. 3:11). The first night we showed up in Mumbai as we rushed onto our van and out of the airport I couldn't get over how TOTALLY different from the US their culture was. Flying past cars and driving on the left side of the road with no care in the world for the lines which were clearly marked. As I stooped to look out the window (because of the amount of people in such a small van I had to stand) all I saw as we flew through the dimly light streets was hundreds of people sleeping o…