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He Was Cursed So I'd Be Blessed

Today's reading: Deuteronomy 21, Psalm 108-109, Isaiah 48, Revelation 18.

Gospel summary: Left to ourselves, we would have no hope in this world. The enemy of our souls would seduce us and lead us astray to everlasting destruction. Our only hope is found in the steadfast love of God, who sent his Son to bear the curse of our sins on the cross. Since Jesus died in our place and rose again from the dead, we who hope in him have hope that will last beyond the fall of this world. Since Jesus took the curse we deserved for our sins, we have nothing to fear when this world's condemnation finally comes. We are forever safe in the arms of Jesus and he gives us strength to persevere all the attacks of the enemy and until that Day comes.

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank you that Jesus bore the curse for my sins so that I could know the blessing of your love. Left to myself I would be a hard-hearted rebel serving my own selfish will, so give me grace to cling to Jesus each day. Help me to s…

Life Aboard a Sinking Ship

Scripture reading: Deuteronomy 20, Psalm 107, Isaiah 47, Revelation 17.

Gospel summary: This world and its desires can easily drag us away from Christ. We have often been led astray by the world's way of thinking and found ourselves grasping other idols because we've forgotten how the true God has chosen us, called us, and redeemed us at the cost of his only Son's life blood. Yet even in our sin, God has been gracious to discipline us and lead us back to his heart. God will soon judge this world and its ways, therefore I must not grow too comfortable here, lest I go down with it. I must always view this world as a sinking ship and its pleasures as those which fools enjoy like those who carelessly eat caviar on the deck of the Titanic, unconcerned that their pleasures would soon result in their own deaths.

Prayer: Father in heaven, I need your grace. This world is full of temptations and snares at every turn. There is no place I can hide from the enticing delicacies of worldl…

Is God Angry with Me or Does He Love Me?

The following is a devotion I sent in for our local newspaper, the Dillon Herald:

     Psalm 7:11 states, “…God is angry with the wicked every day”. John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the world…” Well, which is it? Should we think God is only angry with us or that He only loves us? There are two types of people I want to address: those who say, “I’m a good person and don’t deserve God’s wrath” and those who say, “I’m a horrible person and don’t deserve God’s love.” God wants each of you to think hard about these two verses before you die.       If you’re in the “I’m good” group, take a hard look at Psalm 7:11. Over 400 times in the Bible God expresses righteous anger/wrath. Maybe you say, “But the verse says God is angry with the wicked, and I’m not wicked”. “The wicked” here are not just suicide bombers, drug cartels, or homicidal dictators. God hates all sin, not just the “big” ones. “Small” sins like gossip, lust, ingratitude, selfish pride, lying, and filthy language (and the list …