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Dead to Sin, Alive to God

Scripture: Psalm 119:81-120, Romans 6.

Gospel summary: My old, sinful, disobedient self has been crucified with Christ and a new, righteous, obedient self has been raised with Christ, so I now have the power to resist temptations to sin and to live a godly life unto the Lord. The power of sin has been broken over me and the power to obey God's holy law has been granted to me, though I must lean in daily dependence upon God's strength to obey.

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank you that when Christ died, I died; when Christ was buried, I was buried; and when Christ arose to never-ending life, I arose also to never-ending life. Thank you for uniting me to Christ and conquering my sinful bent. Help me to live in dependence upon your Spirit continually, always aware that this new life is a work of your grace in me and not a result of my own effort. Help me also to not assume that since I'm forgiven, I can live however I want now. Help me to live out the holiness you are working in me with the diligence, resistance, and strenuous effort you supply, for the glory of your great Son. Help me to reckon myself dead to sin, but alive to God. I know that you have purchased for me not only my salvation, but also my sanctification, so grant me the grace to grow in Christ-likeness each day. In the powerful name of Jesus I pray, amen.

Memory verse: "Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, so that you obey its desires" (Romans 6:12 HCSB)

Hymn: "Called unto Holiness" by Leila N. Morris
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